Anne Benson – Deputy Chair

Anne has a particular interest in government requirements, rules and regulations. She has demonstrated knowledge of the government sector, including TEO compliance, the Tertiary Education Strategy, and reporting and funding requirements.

As well as this she is interested in best practice pedagogy related to learning and assessment in practical environments. All of this is coupled with a strong belief that the learner should be at the centre of the education sector.

Anne has wide-ranging management experience at both strategic and operations levels. She has previously worked for TEC as both a Principal Advisor/Team Manager of the Private Training Establishment and Community Education Investment Team and as an Investment Manager. She has also been a Strategy Advisor and Corporate Services Department Manager at a large ITO, and manager of another ITO. She has had governance experience at Literacy Aotearoa Dunedin, ESOL Home Tutors (Lower Hutt) and through two School Boards. She has a Bachelor of Social Science, a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching and a Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Subjects.

Anne recognises a number of issues across the PTE sector including the way the system’s lack of flexibility inhibits responsiveness to industry needs, the need to maintain quality delivery and consistency across the sector, and the possible expansion of competitive funding. She supports the Board in its transition to a more governance and strategic mode in order to be able to focus more on lobbying and advocating for change.