Dr Suzette Major

Dr Suzette Major is the Company Director for the SAE Institute (SAE). SAE is a leading global educator for creative media industries with over 50 campuses worldwide across 27 countries. Suzette runs the New Zealand campus, based in Parnell Auckland. Prior to this position, Suzette was the General Manager of MAINZ, the Music+ Audio Institute of New Zealand and headed the ideaschool at the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) in Hawke’s Bay. She has held a range of academic positions with Waikato University, Victoria University and WINTEC in New Zealand, as well as Deakin University in Australia.

In 2003 alongside her academic career, Suzette founded Arts.Biz Ltd – a company that offered workshops, one-on-one mentoring and consulting services for creative practitioners interested in establishing a career in the new creative economy. In 2007, Suzette also established Artemiz Ltd through which she provides mentoring, development and consulting services for tertiary institutions and creative practitioners.

As a manager, an academic and a businesswoman, Suzette is passionate about the arts and considers education as key for assisting students across all creative sectors to further their creative pursuits.

Having worked in tertiary education for over 25 years, Suzette brings a deep knowledge of the tertiary sector and strong relationships across key agencies. This includes ongoing work with NZQA as part of the Targeted Review of Qualifications as a member of the Governance Group overseeing the Creative Arts qualifications, as well as being a Degree Monitor for WINTEC Media Arts and more recently the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine.

Such connections illustrate Suzette’s specific skills in people management, relationship building and collaboration. Suzette’s knowledge of governance is robust, having been a member of various boards including SAE Academic Board, EIT Research Committee, Hamilton Community Arts Council, Creative Hawke’s Bay, WeCreate, and CreaTer-a newly formed Creative Tertiary Educators Alliance.

Suzette is a future thinker and an advocate for project-based learning to create graduates that are work-ready. She has sound business acumen and maintains high quality standards, as evidenced through overseeing a PTE through 2 EERs, both resulting in Category 1 ratings.