Jo Wiki – ITENZ Executive Assistant

Jo has worked in the tertiary education sector since 2000.  Jo started as a homestay coordinator at the Christchurch Design & Arts College of NZ, became the Christchurch Learning Centre for The Open Polytechnic for seven years and went on to be an Administration Manager on the Trades Campus for ARA Institute of Canterbury until 2013.

In 2014 Jo moved to Auckland working for the Intueri Education Group as a Senior Administrator in the Student Services Team and in 2016 had an opportunity to work for NZIE on the North Shore as the Academic Registrar.

Jo has since worked as a Programme Coordinator for Auckland University and as a Student Services Manager

In her roles, Jo has certainly displayed resilience and has ‘kept calm and carried on’ through earthquakes, statutory actions, programme closures, late SDRs, audits from every government agency as well as celebrating the positive achievements along the way.

Jo is ‘fluent’ in Student Fee Protection rules, enrolment processes, student services functions, Code of Practice, compliance issues and student advocacy.

Jo loves working in the details – she ‘fizzes’ over the yearly release of the SDR manual to check out what the changes are. It’s sad, but true.

We welcome Jo to the ITENZ team and know that Jo’s skill set will be a huge advantage to the effectiveness and efficiency of ITENZ as a Peak Body and add value to our membership.