Kim Crosland – Chief Executive

Kim’s tertiary sector experience spans across 30 years in both England and New Zealand. Having gained her tertiary teaching qualification at Portsmouth University and experience in teaching and assessing, she went on to develop strengths in business, leadership and contract management for private providers in England.

Since arriving in New Zealand in 2002 Kim worked for three years as an Advisor for the TEC, and five years as a Lead Evaluator and Sector Relationship Manager for NZQA which gave her a deep understanding of provision across the tertiary sector.

She has also managed a large PTE, Cut Above, and was the College Director for Elite before gaining a position as the director of the shared services, Academic and Quality Assurance Support Team and the Student Administration Support Team, for the Intueri PTEs.

Kim brings valuable experience with the PTE sector from both sides of the fence – eight years with New Zealand tertiary government agencies and seven years with PTEs. Her talent for seeing the big picture as well as the details combined with her skills at translating TEC and NZQA rules for PTEs will strengthen ITENZ’s ability to keep members up to date and compliant with the constant flow of information and updates from TEC and NZQA.

Her passion and natural instinct is to support, educate and assist people to enable them to make informed decisions; and to work more efficiently and effectively while maintaining the highest quality and compliance.