Speaker Submissions

“Educating for the future”

Call for speakers for the ITENZ 2018 Conference 

Update: 14th September 2018 – Speaker Submissions have now closed, thank you.

Information about ITENZ members

ITENZ members are registered Private Training Establishments (PTEs) and deliver recognised courses across New Zealand.

They deliver;

  • courses
  • training schemes
  • programmes – leading to New Zealand qualifications from Levels 1 to 9.

The areas they deliver in are vast and include Adult Education, Diving, Retail, Tourism, Vet nursing, Agriculture, Farming, Building, ESOL, Business, Christian Ministry, Transport, Early childhood, Aviation, Nanny education, Music, IT, Computing, Security, Hospitality, Cookery, Sport, Recreation, Mental Health, Hairdressing, Beauty, Make-up, Foundation, Employment skills, Homeopathy, Automotive, Dance, Art and craft, First aid, Chiropractic, Chinese medicine, Radio, Financial services, Film making, Fashion, Welding, Yoga, Nutrition and much more.

Our member PTEs also deliver to both domestic and international students. Some offer programmes to international students ‘off-shore’. Many receive funding for domestic students either from TEC or MSD or both.

Call for speakers

Participants are invited to submit a speaking proposal that aligns with any of the conference topics listed below.  There are also some suggested themes alongside the topic.

Speakers will be allocated 35 minutes (25 minutes presentation and 10 minutes discussion) and will be delivering their presentation twice, each time to a different group.

Conference topics

  • Digital technology (Digital technologies in education for the future, Digital use for assessment for learning……)
  • Effective teaching and learning strategies (Ensuring relevance to the stakeholder, Integrating Theory with Practice, Empowering Learners …….)
  • Maori and /or Pasifica achievement (Parity of outcomes between these two groups and the wider student population, Engagement strategies for guaranteed results, Māori Teaching Techniques to Enhance Learning Experiences, What Really Works to Close the Gap? …….)
  • Literacy and numeracy (Impact of technology on literacy and numeracy….)
  • Contribution to society (Education for successful living, Economic, cultural and social ……)
  • Human resource management (How do we keep our students safe from exploitation and abuse …..) 


Decision on papers

Speaking proposals will be presented to a judging panel who will decide on the selected submissions.

Authors of the selected speaking proposals will be informed directly after the judging panel’s decisions.

Presentations will be made available of the ITENZ website following the Conference.


Speaking proposal deadline

Please submit your speaking proposal by 11th May 2018