ITENZ Awards 2021

This page was updated on 9th May, 2021. It includes changes to the Awards names and more information on criteria.

Deadline for nominations – 5.00pm Friday 30th July, 2021

The annual Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand (ITENZ) awards, run by The Quality Commission, recognise, encourage and celebrate excellence in independent tertiary organisations. The awards provide opportunities for organisations to showcase what they do best, to share good practice, and for students and staff members to be rewarded for achieving excellence.

Award Categories

There are seven award categories. The Supreme Award, sponsored by Ako Aotearoa, will be conferred for outstanding achievement and excellence from the following category winners.

  • Supreme Award – sponsored by

  • Student of the Year Award (Replaces the Domestic and International Student Awards)
  • Tutor of the Year Award
  • Outstanding Performance Award (Replaces the Support Person of the Year Award)
  • Leadership Award
  • Provider of the Year Award
  • Innovation of the Year Award (Replaces the Innovative Use of Technology Award)

The awards are presented at the annual ITENZ Conference.  In 2021, the ITENZ Conference is to be held at The Victory Convention Centre, Auckland on 7th and 8th September, and the awards will be presented on the first day.

Eligibility for nominations of the ITENZ Awards   

All financial member organisations of ITENZ are welcome to nominate teaching staff, support staff, students and the organisation itself for awards with meeting the following conditions:

    • Nominations must be submitted, and endorsed, by the nominee’s Principal, CEO or equivalent.  
    • In the case where the nomination is for the Principal, CEO or equivalent, the nomination must be endorsed by the Board of Directors or equivalent.  
    • The nomination must clearly state the Award Category applied for.   Staff nominees must have been employed for a minimum period of three years in a tertiary organisation that is currently a member of ITENZ.   
    • Part-time staff may be nominated when their aggregated time in a tertiary organisation totals a minimum of three years and are currently an ITENZ member.  
    • The nominee’s document/portfolios may be developed either by the nominee or by others on their behalf. Where others have developed the portfolio this must be declared as ‘Authored by (include name)’.  
  • Any nominations that do not meet these conditions will not be considered by the judging panel.  

The Nomination  

    • ITENZ member organisations may make any number of nominations.  
    • The CEO/Director or equivalent of the organisation must complete the Nomination Form (download) accompanying each nomination.  
    • The Employment History Form (download) must be completed by the nominee to confirm a minimum of three years employment history in the tertiary sector and that they are currently an ITENZ member 
  • The Student History Form (download) must be completed to clearly show the programme of study during the period 1 January 2021 to the present. 

The Criteria

The criteria for each award can be found here.

The Portfolio   

    • The portfolio must show the ways the nominee meets the relevant criteria.  
    • It should include evidence of student feedback; colleague or peer feedback and; where applicable, stakeholder feedback.  
    • Student evaluations and feedback must be a sample over the period covered by the application.  
    • It may include, within the 3,000 word limit, up to three formal references (e.g. from students, peers, employers, stakeholders).  
    • The portfolio must not exceed 3,000 words including references and feedback from students, peers, stakeholders and or industry.  
  • Tables, charts or illustrations will not be counted towards the word limit unless they are predominately text. 


The deadline for the receipt of nominations is 5.00pm, Friday 30th July, 2021 Late nominations will not be accepted.  


    • A copy of the nominations and portfolios will be sent to the panel members.  
    • Each will be assessed against the criteria as indicated by the category applied for.  
    • Panel members must declare any conflicts of interest, and where this exists, will be excluded from evaluating these nominations.  
    • Panel members will be automatically excluded from evaluating any nominations from their own organisation.  Such decisions will be recorded.  
    • The panel reserves the right not to make an award in those instances where the nominations do not meet the required criteria for each category.  
  • The panel’s decisions will be final and no communication will be entered into