Andrea McCartney

Andrea is the Owner and Executive Director of Valley Education and Training Enterprises (Vetel) a Hauraki-Coromandel based independent tertiary institution. She has been involved in tertiary education since 1993 both in the public and private arenas, so understands the cyclical nature of our business.

Andrea has met many members of ITENZ over the years at events and conferences.  She attempts to remain positive no matter what challenges we face and seek solutions to meet the sector’s needs to stay competitive and relevant.

Vetel delivers levels 1-4 programmes through a range of funding provisions; Youth Guarantee, SAC L1/L2 Competitive and SAC L3+ Competitive. Andrea believes her strengths lie in the foundation sector where she would like to see more opportunities and discussions held around making our programmes more accessible for learners whilst maintaining high standards.  She understands the difficultly that smaller owner/operator providers face and would like to represent and assist them with making ‘our world’ that little bit easier.

This role requires superb people management and great communication skills.  Andrea holds detailed knowledge of current education legislation along with academic and administrative governance. She has great skills in reporting frameworks such as the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, the Tertiary Education Commission and Ministry of Social Development, along with relevant commercial and administrative legislation.

Andrea leads the strategic development of the firm on matters such as business development, business improvement and strengthening customer relationships. She has been instrumental in growing the business from one programme with 12 learners to nine programmes with over 150 learners and subsequent infrastructure and staffing requirements.