Jeremy Sole – Treasurer

Jeremy is the chief Executive Officer of the Electrical Training Company (Etco). With 670 employed apprentices, Etco is the largest group apprenticeship scheme in New Zealand and it also provides training for approximately 1200 additional apprentices on behalf of the sector’s ITO.

Prior to Etco, Jeremy was at MBIE during which time he was a sector engagement lead for the Ministerial Sector Workforce Engagement Programme (SWEP). In the SWEP role Jeremy coordinated liaison between TEC, MBIE, ITOs, MSD and other departments and external agencies to corral resources towards filling skills gaps.

Jeremy had previously spent six years as CEO of the NZ Contractors Federation, the representative body for the Civil Construction industry, where his responsibilities included advocacy to Government and local authorities and to government agencies. During this time he was appointed as Managing Director of Contrafed Publishing Limited to steer the company through significant change.

Jeremy has an MBA from University of Auckland, has the IoD Certificate in Company Direction, has a Graduate Diploma in Business (Employment Relations), and recently completed the Strategic Leadership Programme at the Institute of Strategic Leadership, and has a NZ Certificate in Regulatory Compliance.

Jeremy is a director of the Australia NZ Electrotechnology Training Alliance (ANZETA). He has experience in consulting and tutoring in NZ, Australia, Japan, the Pacific Islands, and in South Africa, and has started, owned and sold a training business focussed on the retail sector.

Jeremy is married to Fiona and they have three children Isabella, Catherine, and William.

Skills Jeremy brings to ITENZ include:

  • a strong sense of the role of Governance and its responsibilities and interactions with Management
  • a passion for education that makes a positive contribution to an individual’s ability to be successful in life
  • extensive experience in advocacy at all levels of government, public relations, and strong experience in the development and successful execution of strategy.
  • Jeremy is a team player.