Students who are dissatisfied with the service provided by an education provider must first work through the provider’s internal complaints process.

If students are not satisfied with the outcome of the internal complaints process – or if the dispute is still deadlocked after two months – students can lodge a complaint with the Quality Commission.

The Commission decides whether the complaints comes within the scope of the Quality Commission scheme – for example, the Commission will not deal with an issue that is before a court or other statutory complaints or conciliation procedure. The Commission will refer the complaint back to the provider if the internal procedures have not been followed.

The Commission decides what procedure to follow.

Providers are given full details of the complaint and asked to respond. Personal information is protected.

Having considered the complaint, the Commission can promote a settlement or make recommendation for resolution.

Participating providers undertake to abide by the Commission’s recommendation (or immediately withdraw from the scheme).

Settlements are full and final – the complainant surrenders all other rights and causes of action.

The Commission can recommend settlements up to the full cost of the services, plus incidental expenses and a maximum of $2,000 compensation.

If you have a question about the Quality Commission please call the CE of ITENZ and Quality Commission,  Wayne Dyer on 021 307 087 or email 

If you want to send a complaint to the Quality Commission please complete the complaints form in the Documents tab and email to