ITENZ Code of Ethics

This Code is binding on all members of Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand. Adherence to the principles of this Code in relation to its students, clients, staff and other clients will be considered a formal condition of all applications for membership of the Association.

The purpose of this Code is to:

• Define standards of conduct expected of members of Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand (ITENZ) in their dealings with other members and ITENZ

• Provide to students and clients a clear statement of the standards which they can expect member organisations to adopt in their dealings with them, subject to equivalent provisions in any code or codes which the organisation has adopted to regulate dealings with its staff, students and other clients

• Compliment any code of conduct requirements of New Zealand government agencies for accrediting and registering organisations and courses under legislation and which fund or regulates the provision of education and training courses, including courses for overseas students.

• Promote confidence and community trust in the services provided by members of ITENZ.

Members will at all times support ITENZ and its aims and will not malign the Association or its members.

Members will at all times exhibit ethical behaviour and conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.

Members will at all times adopt and maintain practices which will ensure high professional standards in the general

management, including financial management, and the marketing and delivery of their training programmes, and which safeguard the interests and welfare of their students, clients and the public.

Members will not misrepresent their facilities, staff qualifications, course inclusions, standards or procedures.

Members will ensure that the behaviour of staff is of a professional standard at all times.

Members will not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct in the provision of services.

Members will not malign the services or quality of education or training provided by other members, entice students or trainees from other member colleges or encourage students or learners enrolled at another college to change colleges.

Members will insist on the maintenance of generally accepted ethical standards in the educational and social relations between staff and students/clients.

Members will conduct their affairs in such a way as to ensure the best interests of the New Zealand private tertiary education sector and to ensure the high standing of the Association and its members in New Zealand and overseas.

Members will co-operate with fellow members in upholding and enforcing this Code.

Members will publicise the fact that they adhere to a Code which defines their obligations to students, the public and to other providers of tertiary education and training and will have copies of this Code available for inspection by students and other clients who ask to inspect it.

Complaints relating to an alleged breach of a provision of paragraphs of this Code may be made to the Chief Executive of ITENZ or to a member of the ITENZ Board by a student, staff member or client of a member or by a member other than a member to whom the complaint relates.

Complaints to ITENZ about a breach of the Code by a member will be dealt with by the full ITENZ Board. Members recognise that failure to observe the provisions of this Code may result in their suspension or removal from the Register of members.