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Grow with CC Training Academy Our goal is to enrich the lives of Kiwis through practical and affordable safety training and planning. We aim to have a lasting impact on our community and to become the main authority for asbestos training and occupational health and safety courses in New Zealand. Short course: Health and Saftey; Construction related ACTS: We aim to Build and Upskill the Modern Worker for the field Built from the ground up, we make it our goal at Auckland College of Tertiary Studies (ACTS) to push students coming from all over the world towards reaching their full potential. Courses: New Zealand Diploma in Construction (Construction Management and Quantity Surveying); New Zealand Diploma in Building Surveying. We thrive when our students succeed; and we succeed when our students thrive. With our courses available on offer, our students can take advantage of learning opportunities while embracing the Kiwi culture and lifestyle.



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Certificates, Diplomas, Microcredentials, Short Courses

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Campus-based learning, Work-based learning, Blended learning

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