New Zealand’s Private Tertiary Establishments (PTEs) provide a wide mix of quality education options for hundreds of thousands of domestic and overseas learners each year.

There are 381 registered PTEs with over 1,300 sites throughout the country. Just over half of these are funded to deliver New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) approved qualifications.

Research commissioned by ITENZ found that during 2022:

  • PTEs offered 1,665 different programmes to learners, leading to 800 qualifications
  • PTEs arranged training for 16,975 industry-based apprentices and trainees, accounting for approximately 11 per cent of all industry-based learners
  • 52,440 learners were enrolled in funded PTEs – 92 per cent were domestic students and eight per cent were fee-paying international learners
  • 2,310 international students were enrolled at unfunded PTEs – including 1,565 at English language schools (ELS)
  • Hundreds of thousands of learners also participated in other programmes at PTEs, including non-formal learning and/or on-the-job training and courses shorter than one full week (e.g., first aid or workplace health and safety)
  • The 184 funded PTEs employed 6,850 staff. However, total staff numbers including unfunded PTEs may be double this number

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