Research shows NZ Private Tertiary Establishments deliver a quality experience for learners

New Zealand’s Private Tertiary Establishments (PTEs) are delivering a quality education experience for domestic learners and international students that adds considerable value to learners, the workforce and the economy. A major new study, commissioned by Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand (ITENZ), conducted by NielsenIQ, and with support from Education New Zealand found that:

  • PTEs perform at a similar level to universities and wānanga on qualification completion rates and better than institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs)
  • NZQA’s external evaluation and review process (EER) places 95 per cent of PTEs in category 1 or 2, indicating high confidence or confidence in their educational performance
  • 91 per cent of PTE international students rate their experience as positive
  • Māori learners at PTEs outperform those in ITPs on qualification completion overall, at all levels except post-graduate
  • Pasifika learners at PTEs achieve higher qualification completion than all other types of tertiary provider.


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75% of New Zealanders believe international students benefit New Zealand

75% of New Zealanders believe international students benefit New Zealand according to a research report published by Education New Zealand. The 1100 respondents identified economic benefits as the most important contribution but also recognised other benefits, such as learning about other cultures. Despite this strong support, there are still some areas of public concern, such as the impact on infrastructure.